The end of Nagoyanael…

December 17, 2008

Well this is probably the last post i am going to make before returning to the United States(*Whipes tears”J/K”*). Now i will explain a phenomenon that seems to occur to everyone when they are in the midst of some finality in there life. You start saying the “last’s” of things. example, tomorow is my last day of school in Japan, Today was my last”real” day because i had time with my class, but tomorow i plan on running up to my homeroom and having them sign my Year book and take bunch of pictures i don’t want to forget these moments EVER. This chapter in my life ends, although at first i was bummed out because of the boys school, its not like i didn’t meet any girls in my time here, i actually met a lot more then i thought i would. Japanese tendencies have made me laugh my whole time, how it almost seems like they thirst for an awquard moment is almost always evident in how they react to things and position themselves to make it easy for someone to do something stupid. Like when your walking in a hall way in Nagoya station and you go one derection and the person walking towards almost purposely goes the same direction and your switch and they switch the same way after 1o seconds you make a big circle to go around them pissed off but confused, LOL. *Its happened to much*

I’ll have to ask my friends if i have developed slightly Japanese tendencies.

*Message to Liz* HOLY KRAP LIZ, i know exactly how you felt before leaving omg omg omg, i dont want to go, but i want to also go on with my life, なぜ、 今 に 死にたい、 やだ!I am feeling slightly depressed but trying to live up every moment i encounter trying to get my japanese level to a nice point before i leave so that i don’t waste this true learning experience.

Ok besides that since my life is slowly speeding up almost as to kick me out of Japan fast its making it harder for me to blog thats why my youtube stuff hasn’t been going on, i dont have the time to care, i love this experience to much to let precious hours go away trying to post a video online so people can tell me that i am a bad cameraman.

Lastly this chapter in my life is closing, i hate to say it its leaving my fingers right infront of me ofcourse in retrospect there are many things i should have done. Talked to more people for one, get the courage to tell Haruna that i liked her, and just found more opportunity to bond with my class mates i feel like i’ve been ignoring them and now i am about to leave and i want them to know that i was stupid for not hanging out with them , hell the more i talk to them the more i learn japanese, hell we have awasome foreing exchange classes in our school, but the time spent with the other kids in my class is where the true language aqcuisiton is Acquired.

Now i know maybe a few of the people out there reading my blog might wonder for words of advice. I will give it to you, any single opportunity that you have to go out with japanese people SEAZE IT! I mean the other foreign exchange students are really good friends of mind but they aren’t helping me acquire the language that i came here for. So when ever you find time to go out meet people who are japanese do so, you might say”hey i don’t know any japanese” Oh well , use your hands trust me, i am talking so much with my hands and my body while trying to get my point across it seems as if 60% of them understanding what i am saying is using body language so do not fear the language barrier, go with the flow, take a krappy small pocket dictionary like i did, and trust me you will learn threw repition what is right japanese and the japanese of today not some japanese that is outdated by 20 years in which you sound like a butler to the people who you are talking to.

That’s all, so everyone if i dont post here again don’t worry i am trying to make the best of my time, and please do the same for your lives, go everywhere and learn and all that stuff that is written on motivational posters that you consider cheesy!

now a bit of Japanese

日本 は 何時も 面白かったから、 沢山 習いって と 新しい 友だち を 合いって、 時々 何 も して、 そなこと は 凄く 悪かったから、 もと 新しい の 人 を 合いたい でした。 日本人 は 度々 変 けど、 可笑しい なこと は 何時も 面白い、 今 僕 は とても 嬉しいから、 僕 の 留学 は 大変 楽しかった。 多分、 帰国して まえ、 悲しい を 成るから、 日本 の 滞在 は 素晴らしかった。 じゃあ さようなら。



November 18, 2008

So basically today i walked Haruna back to her house, and i said in 3 different ways that i like her and that i want to hang out with her, but she just kept on smilling, like if she was interested that i was speaking english or something, WTF!! So i salvaged the situation by saying i wan’t to hang out with you some more and hugged and left, but freakin A, what a shock that was to me, ive never heard of such thing happening to anyone… godam!! Thursday i will walk her back from my mom’s english Lessons and evaluate the situation, maybe i am over analyzing it….

Why i hate (Most) Gaijins… (Rant Time)

November 17, 2008

(Warning)… If you don’t want to see many bad words being used then dont read this post because today i am angry, time to go on a rant on a problem that ive encountered…

O.K. its time, thank god, I Fucking hate Gaijins right now, ofcourse not me included, but here are my reasons, and if you are one of the people mentioned in this blog or are similar to them you should probabbly be fucking ashamed of yourself…

O.k. it all starts when its Sunday… the day starts poorly because i have to go to school to become some petting zoo exhibit for Middle schoolers interested in apllying for Nagoya Gakuin… So thats boring and stupid and it starts about 45 minutes late, waste of time basically, go over kanji i already know…

After it i go to my fellow exchange student Eric(Norway) “He’s actually cool”, so i go up to him and i am like want to hang out at Sakae today, since going to school destroyed my Sunday plans, and he’s like sure. Ragnee another norweigen (fuck the spelling), will join us, she’s pretty cool and actually now acts quite japanese, hense (quiet and not fucking retarded), so after we meet up at starbucks, James (from canada) decided to hang out with us, ok the turning point happens here.

Something happens when you start getting too many gaijins in one place, 4-5 should be the limit in most cases.  Basically i call it the Dumb gaijin thenomenum (fuck spelling), so that hapens, its when everyone starts acting way to loud and embarassing themselves, talking way to fucking loud, i see this coming so i suggest we step out of starbucks cause we had reached the fucking dangerous level of about 8 people, but before we had to evacuate the premisis,(i was already pissed off), i said a small joke about James kissing Hafa(Brazil), because they accidently drank from the same straw, they catch it, hafa laughs and ten fucking seconds later a slap comes from fucking nowhere, FUCKING 10 SECONDS AFTER… Beggining of the end, so my glasses fall on the floor, all the japanese people on the top floor saw it happen, and by ALL i mean FUCKING ALL, they were looking at us because we were loud (fucking gaijins), so i go outside for a breath of fresh air and go on rants next to hafa about how much i hate gaijins.

So now we evacuate Starbucks to spare the poor japanese people in there from our godamn loudness, and by our i mean everyone alse but me and the norweigens(fuck spelling), so i am trying to find 7/11 for an american girl, and i am walking ahead cause i just didn’t want to be associated with that mob of fucking morons behind me. And as i am walking James pulls another fucking abnoxious thing and jumps on my fucking back while yelling, fucking A, now i am associated with them,(I will explain why i am so pissed off in full and the results of these actions have on others), so find the 7/11 and we reach Crystal Square and i am like ok FUCK IT. I am like “Eric!, isn’t it time for you to come back home” Hint Hint, he gets it we take off, and unfortionatly fucking james follows us and jumps on my back again doing his bullshit, fuck i am pissed off, so ya but james wasn’t that bad after that, but the mob we had just left was fucking terrible, so i was pissed off as fuck going to Nagoya Station with Eric, time to rant more.

(Explanation time), Although japanese people might act like they don’t care what gaijins do in there country, they really fucking do, fuck we almost got in trouble for fooling around in a station, and parents could of probabbly contacted our School, (they know our uniforms) and we could have been kicked out.

Point number 2: The lasting effects of Gaijins being fucking gaijins, the reason i go to a boys school is directly related to two gaijins fucking up, before i came. Ok part 1 the local highschool that my mother teaches at is currently hosting a Australian exchange student, when he came he was very boisterous and got other students from his class to go out drinking with him, and the parents find out and his homeroom teacher(big bitch), also found out, she went to the princaple and said”Don’t accept any more exchange students), “dont debate this part it happened and i am fucking paying for it, and yes there is nothing i can or could do about it). Also you might ask “Hey Nael isn’t your school trip 1 hour and 1/2, aren’t there any schools inbetween”, and my answer in a pissed of tone would be “Fucking yes there are!, but my organization tried going to 2 different highschools before Nagoya Gakuin, first was my Mom’s, and then Yokaichi Highschool, but no exchange students are accepted there because some fucking retarded exchange student got a girl fucking pregnant, and now i can’t go to that school, so now i am fucking going to Nagoya Gakuin Highschool, and thats why i don’t want to be like those other Gaijins.

Any ways why the fuck do they ALWAYS want to hang out with each other, seriously , your in japan for a fucking reason , its not to fucking to talk to other people from your country or go to bars that are based on your country, fucking adapt for gods sake fucking A.

分かりますか! はい、 おわります!

みなさん、 さしぶり ですね。

November 10, 2008

As the top says in japanese, its been a while everyone, and it has but, i have not been inactive, trust me. I am sad though, i have around a month left, but i want to get a japanese girlfriend, and there are two options, they both have their positives and down sides(very few downs), actually the only downs of each is that they know each other!!! Ugh, well there is Haruna-chan, she is almost like a daughter to my host mom(positive and negative), and there is the volleyball captain(who’s name i dont know), they are both really cute, i want to know the volleyball captain more cause she is adorable but i really like both, and i can’t make up my mind fast enough, and i am afraid that i will be waisting an opportunity if i pick one or the other, i am dying here!

Haruna is a quiet 11th grader that comes to my english tutoring class, its hard to understand what she thinks of me so that is one of the things keeping me from making a move. She is really nice though and is definalty not dumb(thank god).

The volleyball captain is SUPER CUTE/PRETTY, i need to get a picture of her or alse i’l explode, but what ever i dont know her that well and i have never hung out with her, but SHE KNOWS HARUNA!! ugh, well basically i am afraid that if i make a move on volleyball captain Haruna will find out and hate me/her, god.   Drama!!!!!!!! rawr!!! save me some1!!

So as i am typing i just came up with this idea, i should invite Haruna, Etsuho(other person i tutor 10th grader) and volleyball captain to karaoke some time this weekend or next, basically soon, and then i will make my choice or probabbly get rejected by both and want to kill myself, but thats my rant for today.

Man i really want to get a picture of VOlleyball captain, and thats it i am asking my host mother her name, i am tired of saying captain all the time…, so ya, depending on if i have the guts to do anything i will probably give an update within two weeks, although i am going to go with my host mom to the prefectural finals for the volleyball team, there hard working and have practice everyday accept like wednesday(downside).

So what ever i will be taking my leave now….

Sorry guys…

October 23, 2008

It has been a while since i have done much on my written blog, since i almost basically forgot about it. But i am back , and i’l give you about 3 week summary. 2 weekends ago i went to yokohama and tokyo, on the first day of my times in Yokohama, i meet with my very old friend kyoshi, it had been 6 years ago since i had seen him , since i used to live in puerto rico, and he did too so we hung out and were best friends, after he left to move back to japan, i kind of lost contact, a few e-mails from here and there you know the usual, but ya.

So we went to kamakura and hung out there had buncha fun looking at buddah and kamakura temple. So we basically talked a lot and depended on him to lead me through the maze that is Yokohama/Tokyo public transit system. If you look at a map of just the trains and subway tracks in the area it gets pretty intimidating so he was very useful in that purpose, but i also enjoyed his company very well, and also just overall more about education in japan since he is a senior in highschool also.

After that he lead me back to my brother’s dorms, (I broke some rules : P) I wasn’t allowed to sleep in his dorm, but i was just very sneaky, the R.A.’s didn’t care but there was one person that cared but they were only there for some part of the day, so the only high tension part was sneaking out in the mornings so we could go out and explore the area. So that same night there was the foreign exchange student party, and i just tagged along with my brother talked to a lot of japanese students who came to it and had lots of fun playing card games with the japanese students, just seeing how they play and behave is interesting in its self.

The next morning we went around downtown tokyo about 1 hour away from Kokubunjin, (where my brother’s university is located) and went to shibuya the big crossing, there are so many freaking people there god… But unfortionatly i wasn’t as impressed as i thought i was going to be, cause i have a definate feeling that i was going through some culture shock. It finally hit me, didn’t think it was going to happen but i was tired and definatly angry for very little reason. I am definalty its over, i didn’t see much of Tokyo because i was busy being angry for no reason. That was unfortionate but i am sure it would have been way worse if i hadn’t been with my brother since it had been so long since i had seen him it made me very happy to see him.

On the last night we did about a good 3 hours of tokyo so we ended at 3:00AM, lots of fun and plenty of soar throats so that was also worth it. I took the shinkansen back and somehow made it back to Nagoya, surprisingly enough!

After that i came back to school, and since most kids were taking test; practice tests that take the whole week of school. Us exchange students were allowed to leave once we took our tests (we had like 4 the whole week so we had the rest of the day free). Which means going to the downtown starbucks in nagoya and taking in the sights and the people.

And skipping a bit to today, we went to tokugawa garden, very pretty, and tokugawa musuem lots of old japanese stuff, i am not a crazy fan about that type of aspect of cultures(i know i am a terrible exchange student) but it was good to go out of school for that day, and then headed to starbucks, drank our cofee, looked at the beautiful women, and headed back home, i am sleepy even though ive had 3 coffee’s today to bad. Well my host mom is going to have english lessons soon so i have to go!



October 1, 2008

Well today was a normal day at school, i come in when the rest of class is taking a before school test that they have to take. I just chill till its over, sit for a while after its over in the 10 minutes before first period starts and one of my friends in my class room brought this whole freakin maid outfit. He put the panties on his head and everyone was taking pictures of that so that was pretty funny! After that its time to attempt the challenge (stay awake!). That i fail at today for a total of around 30 minutes a new record. Thanks to cofee, ive been chugging it like crazy trying to set my sleep schedule at a normal date, today i had to have 3 , one before school, one at lunch and one when i almost arrived home. I am feeling like i have had to much, i like cofee but i almost never drink it regularly. So its working pretty well right now. My older brother arrived in Narita Airport about 20 hours ago, so i talked to him yesterday for a while on skype and basically just insulting him the whole time. I also got to talk to my long lost friend who lives in Yokohama, i am going to visit him and my brother in around 2 weeks so i am pretty excited.

That is all at the moment, i can’t believe its already been a month and a week, its already almost over.


Post 1 month aniversary

September 25, 2008

It has been a bit more then 1 month since i have arrived in Japan, and i have a big summary of everything that has happened in the past month, its going to be a Really long blog but it should keep you busy, but besides that thats all really at the moment : P

Bunkasai (School Festival)

September 21, 2008

It is coming up soon, and luckily at my school the festival is going to bring girls from a private all girl’s school to participate in our festival, since the students rarely see girls at all,(LOL) so that is taht so far, i dont have any thing big to talk about, besides the fact that Wednesday i am visiting my host mom’s  school during school hours so that will be interesting, unfortionatly i have to finally start work on Pre-cal, ugh, well i guess i have an abundant amount of time that is being wasted on Facebook to get rid of!, Peace out everyone!!! ENJOY YOURSELFS!!!

Talking to my Highschooler friends.

September 17, 2008

Well today i had a really fun time at school, i slept and right after school, a kid that is known for working out alot challenged me to arm wrestle. I usually dont like arm wrestling but this one was really fun, i had taken weights up until going to Japan so i thought that it would be interesting, it was about 2 minutes long, that is way long, the only thing that i had over him was endurance, at the beggining he was winning almost got me. So right before the arm wrestle one of the class clowns yelled ナイル と ゆき , everyone gathered around me and suki. Suki is really nice, and i want to go work out with him, he has a membership to the Gym, and after that i was about to leave the building after the arm wrestle when he ran after me and told me that he would like me to help for the School Festival. Not many people did much, but most people just kinda fooled around and talked, so did I, and thats when after a long time i got to talk to about all 46 students of my class. The student that i thought was the most intimidating was actually to coolest and nicest, Kazunori he is part of Qudo club, archery and i want to join it cause i am a lazy bum. After about 2 hours of talking it was getting late so he invited me over to his house tomorow so we can hang out, and i think Karaeoke might be thrown in the mix. It will be fun!!

A little update…

September 11, 2008

So school school school, that is what its been lately, but its really hilarious that i dont actualy hate school in Japan. I really don’t, and although it is not a co-ed school its really not that bad. It would be awasome if it was but, the kids in my class are really cool, and the teachers are always making the kids laugh and stuff. They seem to actually enjoy school over here and i can see why. Although there are the usual classes in which literally half the class is asleep in (Biology/Math/Classic Literature) “me being part of that group”. In there english classes i try to stay awake cause for some reason i’d feel guilty going to sleep in the class that teaches a language i actualy understand.

Now you might want to know what level japanese high schoolers are at. Well they can read, write and mostly understand many things, but when it comes to saying whats written in there minds is where the major road block shows up. It is really hard for them to say things that are beyond survival phrases like. Kind of like what level i am at.

The crucial survival phrases in japan are “Choto Matte”, “_____ wa Dokko desuka?”,”Daijobu/ka” ,”Nan ji (Desuka)” and “Mo ichido Onegaishimasu”. those meaning “Wait”, “Where is___” “I’m fine/Are you fine” “What time is it” and “Please do/say again”. I am slowly picking up some words and i can definatly tell that i can inch out a few more crucial sentences and grammar concepts as in adding want to the end of a verb, and adding don’t want also. It is a uphill battle to learn japanese but having 9 classes of japanese a week helps.

This weekend i am going to visit a Lake right next to Mt. Fujii, and i am also probably going to join the Archery club at my school. So that is that.