Last days in America…

Well i am curently infront of the T.V. watching the Olympics, nothing new here, but i have been just patiently waiting for this moment to arive, going to Chicago is going to be the first real step on the road to Japan, i will be entertained and i will be so close with other people who are as excited as I am!

I am just trying to stay calm, so that the days fly by faster, i am just making a few videos on my Youtube acount, but the truth of the matter is i have nothing to talk about until i reach Chicago, something seems awasome about reaching that huge city, and the fact that Chicago is going to be the last i see of America until i return!


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2 Responses to “Last days in America…”

  1. Majo Says:

    i found your site thingy!
    anyways..i created one too!
    i hope you are having a great time in Japan already and i hope you learn tons and tons of Japaneeeseeee!

  2. olivegirl Says:

    Nael you dickwad
    update us NOW!!!

    I’m jealous enough, don’t gas up the fire with your INCOMPETENCE!!

    Lol no, I totally understand having way too much fun to actually want to get on the internet. Keep having fun, and stop wastin that precious time reading this.


    and if you stop by nagano you better tell me, T__T

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