In Narita, Tokyo and Nagoya

OMG, Nagoya is awasome and tokyo was O.K. i was there for half a day but it is really as huge you can possibly imagine, Man life in Japan.

The very first thing that i noticed was in the airport, the money exchange place was really odd i dont want to say funny but, really almost comical, the women were working the front recieving the money, and then the men were in the back counting the money, then giving it back to the women to give it to the customer, i am sure they notice that they are at the front for an (imaginary) reason.then they it was the escalator was really funny, but enlightening they are all on the Left side of the Escalator.  this is for the people who stand on the Escalator (90% of the people), the right side is left to those who are in a big hury, which is so convenient cause japan is a very busy place.

In Narita we stayed in a Ryokan, (Old style inn) for 2 days, the owner was really nice, and was able to not freak out with our load and obnoxious ways. It was fun and we slept on the floor (Tatami) on the Futon it was great.  I got to wear a thin summer kimono after taking a bath(not as odd as i thought it would be) yes there was another person in the bath, just look up and relax. The owner let us try an old Samurai helmet, presumably his ancestor’s. It was crazy awasome and hilarious at the same time seeing white people wear that.

We went to Tokyo after a while and that was crazy busy. That is about all i have to say about it, as my video explains how little of Tokyo i got to see.

I went on the Train this morning, it was blazing fast, 2 hours on Shinkansen. My host-mom couldn’t find me for 10 minutes but it she found, me then we were on the train back to Kawagoe-Cho, it was 1 hour and a half, it was cool though, and now i am in the House and its so much fun


One Response to “In Narita, Tokyo and Nagoya”

  1. majo Says:

    i found your little bloggy thnigy!!
    anyways i’m glad you are happy!!
    i made my own blog thnigy too!!!

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