Hanabi and Kyoto

What is “Hanabi”, you might be wondering this, and it is a term that you will hear a desent amount in the summer, along with “KIREII!”(pretty) and “SUGOI”(Amazing), Hanabi means literally fire flower, but is fireworks. Yesterday i got to experience how beastly Japanese fireworks are. For no apparent reason accept for the sake of fireworks, was why we had the celebration, it was just all about fireworks, no history behind it, just more fireworks in the past. It was cool, my host mom brought over about 16 of her good friends and they had a good time, i got to learn a few words, and notice how useless i was at speaking in Japanese : P.

During the party, my host mom was like”Lets go to Kyoto tomorow”.. “Sure !”, haha that was so random that it sounded like an awasome idea. So the morning after i grudgingly got up early, since ( went to sleep at 1AM) and got the train at 8:30, it was sad cause it was raining today but ohwell. Taking about 3 hours worth of trains, no Shinkansen, just local trains, it was interesting, and thank god for Kent(host brother) he knew exactly where to go unlike me and my host-mom.

We got to see the temples and castles that were all set out for (Balance), and we saw a golden temple, that was pretty hardcore, besides that we got to walk around the shopping areas of Kyoto and look around, not much buying was involved but we got to see many places : P. After that it was time to head back, still raining, but it was cool, cause kyoto station had just gotten like rebuilt. It is now unnecesarly HUGE, compared to everything alse, the plus about it is being able to see the rest of the city from the top of the station.

So we headed back on the long train switches but got to get some naps in so that was good, ate at a fast food restaurant, which was actually very healthy and tasted AWASOME. That was my day : P, GOOD NIGHT!


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