Foreign Registration and visiting my host mom’s highschool

So my host mom is an English teacher at the Local high school, but besides that , it helps me comunicate alot more then i would ever be able to on my own. So today was time for me to register myself as a foreigner in Kawagoe-cho (Cho= township-ish). So on the way up to the office we saw old students of my host-mom, they were really nice and very happy to see her. That means she is really nice as a teacher, ( i knew it!). So got registered it was quick and easy : P.

After that we went to a restaurant and i ate Udon noodles, with other good stuff! We go to restaurants all the time, i feel bad lol, making them spend to much on me.

After that we went back home, and then we went to my host mom’s High school, i walked around abit in slippers that did not fit my huge feet. After that we went to the High school girl’s volleyball practice. They have practice every day, and have only 2 DAYS OFF IN THE WHOLE YEAR. they are crazy dedicated and prety impressive, accept that i was a giant next to them. The team captain is really cute, but i dont go to that school so (dream on), we talked to them after practice, and they were really nice, i think they were interested in me but to shy to ask, i was smilling the whole time(creepy) they were smilling to, oh ya when i first came into the gymasium to see them practice, they all stood still and waited for me to say (konichiwa!), my host-mom told me to say hi, if she wouldnt have told me they would have probabbly still been standing there.(Man my japanese is useless : {  )

Well thats all for today , i am having so much fun here, WOOHOO!


One Response to “Foreign Registration and visiting my host mom’s highschool”

  1. Liz Says:

    UGHHH I STILL HATE YOU AND WISH I WERE YOU. OR ME 2 MONTHS AGO. (I’ll stop starting off my comments with shouts of envy eventually… XD)

    CUTE GIRLS SHALL BE EVERYWHERE. And if you’re not just hi-ing them, they’ll be unshy very fast… girlfriends for Nael!! YAY!! haha

    Don’t be down, your Japanese is a lot better than most gaijin. For I have seen… *scratches eyes out*


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