hmm.. Today

well now, technically yesterday, well yesterday was alot less uneventful then the past week, but it was still loads of fun.  We kind of laid around in the morning, and then me, Kent and Kazuki-kun, went for a bike ride it was a decently cool day, but it was stil exhausting the trace was like 2 miles long of uphill and downhill, we had these crappy 3 speed bicycles that barely had any difference between the highest and the lowest speed. They had the corny baskets on them, and because of my size i couldnt stop bumping my knee against that dam basket infront of the handle bars -_-, it hurt.

My family ,OHANA

My family ,OHANA

So after that we went the long way on the third time on the bysicle track, and it was an overgrown path through a forest, it was cool for the first 5 seconds, and then kent started runing head first into spider webs, THE SPIDERS WERE HUGE. So that was my day : P


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