Rain, Rain and more rain

Well its been raining a lot since i got here and its a little depressing but oh well. Today i woke up early-ish because we were going to Nagoya. So we took the train and it was like a 30 minute ride to Nagoya, once there we took the subway to the center of the city. There is a mall underground, and surprisingly the prices are cheaper then above ground, even though its right next to the subway (A very high traffic area). So i walked around 3 different malls, many of which had like 8-11 levels so that was cool, ate Tempura and Udon noodles. (Ooshkata desu)”It was delicious”.

Walked around and looked at all the eye candy, (including girls) i am a teenager ,”what do you expect BOOK SHOPPING?!”, besides that it was fun and i got to see street dance troops. Because it was raining it was very messy for them to perform, but they still did, and it was going on for a while and probabbly still is going on right now. THey came from colleges around Nagoya to perform in the main streets in downtown Nagoya. That was today’s adventure!

Peace out peeps!!


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