A little update…

So school school school, that is what its been lately, but its really hilarious that i dont actualy hate school in Japan. I really don’t, and although it is not a co-ed school its really not that bad. It would be awasome if it was but, the kids in my class are really cool, and the teachers are always making the kids laugh and stuff. They seem to actually enjoy school over here and i can see why. Although there are the usual classes in which literally half the class is asleep in (Biology/Math/Classic Literature) “me being part of that group”. In there english classes i try to stay awake cause for some reason i’d feel guilty going to sleep in the class that teaches a language i actualy understand.

Now you might want to know what level japanese high schoolers are at. Well they can read, write and mostly understand many things, but when it comes to saying whats written in there minds is where the major road block shows up. It is really hard for them to say things that are beyond survival phrases like. Kind of like what level i am at.

The crucial survival phrases in japan are “Choto Matte”, “_____ wa Dokko desuka?”,”Daijobu/ka” ,”Nan ji (Desuka)” and “Mo ichido Onegaishimasu”. those meaning “Wait”, “Where is___” “I’m fine/Are you fine” “What time is it” and “Please do/say again”. I am slowly picking up some words and i can definatly tell that i can inch out a few more crucial sentences and grammar concepts as in adding want to the end of a verb, and adding don’t want also. It is a uphill battle to learn japanese but having 9 classes of japanese a week helps.

This weekend i am going to visit a Lake right next to Mt. Fujii, and i am also probably going to join the Archery club at my school. So that is that.


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