Talking to my Highschooler friends.

Well today i had a really fun time at school, i slept and right after school, a kid that is known for working out alot challenged me to arm wrestle. I usually dont like arm wrestling but this one was really fun, i had taken weights up until going to Japan so i thought that it would be interesting, it was about 2 minutes long, that is way long, the only thing that i had over him was endurance, at the beggining he was winning almost got me. So right before the arm wrestle one of the class clowns yelled ナイル と ゆき , everyone gathered around me and suki. Suki is really nice, and i want to go work out with him, he has a membership to the Gym, and after that i was about to leave the building after the arm wrestle when he ran after me and told me that he would like me to help for the School Festival. Not many people did much, but most people just kinda fooled around and talked, so did I, and thats when after a long time i got to talk to about all 46 students of my class. The student that i thought was the most intimidating was actually to coolest and nicest, Kazunori he is part of Qudo club, archery and i want to join it cause i am a lazy bum. After about 2 hours of talking it was getting late so he invited me over to his house tomorow so we can hang out, and i think Karaeoke might be thrown in the mix. It will be fun!!


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