Well today was a normal day at school, i come in when the rest of class is taking a before school test that they have to take. I just chill till its over, sit for a while after its over in the 10 minutes before first period starts and one of my friends in my class room brought this whole freakin maid outfit. He put the panties on his head and everyone was taking pictures of that so that was pretty funny! After that its time to attempt the challenge (stay awake!). That i fail at today for a total of around 30 minutes a new record. Thanks to cofee, ive been chugging it like crazy trying to set my sleep schedule at a normal date, today i had to have 3 , one before school, one at lunch and one when i almost arrived home. I am feeling like i have had to much, i like cofee but i almost never drink it regularly. So its working pretty well right now. My older brother arrived in Narita Airport about 20 hours ago, so i talked to him yesterday for a while on skype and basically just insulting him the whole time. I also got to talk to my long lost friend who lives in Yokohama, i am going to visit him and my brother in around 2 weeks so i am pretty excited.

That is all at the moment, i can’t believe its already been a month and a week, its already almost over.



One Response to “Today…”

  1. dan Says:

    nael stop going to school all together and stay in the city all day

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