Sorry guys…

It has been a while since i have done much on my written blog, since i almost basically forgot about it. But i am back , and i’l give you about 3 week summary. 2 weekends ago i went to yokohama and tokyo, on the first day of my times in Yokohama, i meet with my very old friend kyoshi, it had been 6 years ago since i had seen him , since i used to live in puerto rico, and he did too so we hung out and were best friends, after he left to move back to japan, i kind of lost contact, a few e-mails from here and there you know the usual, but ya.

So we went to kamakura and hung out there had buncha fun looking at buddah and kamakura temple. So we basically talked a lot and depended on him to lead me through the maze that is Yokohama/Tokyo public transit system. If you look at a map of just the trains and subway tracks in the area it gets pretty intimidating so he was very useful in that purpose, but i also enjoyed his company very well, and also just overall more about education in japan since he is a senior in highschool also.

After that he lead me back to my brother’s dorms, (I broke some rules : P) I wasn’t allowed to sleep in his dorm, but i was just very sneaky, the R.A.’s didn’t care but there was one person that cared but they were only there for some part of the day, so the only high tension part was sneaking out in the mornings so we could go out and explore the area. So that same night there was the foreign exchange student party, and i just tagged along with my brother talked to a lot of japanese students who came to it and had lots of fun playing card games with the japanese students, just seeing how they play and behave is interesting in its self.

The next morning we went around downtown tokyo about 1 hour away from Kokubunjin, (where my brother’s university is located) and went to shibuya the big crossing, there are so many freaking people there god… But unfortionatly i wasn’t as impressed as i thought i was going to be, cause i have a definate feeling that i was going through some culture shock. It finally hit me, didn’t think it was going to happen but i was tired and definatly angry for very little reason. I am definalty its over, i didn’t see much of Tokyo because i was busy being angry for no reason. That was unfortionate but i am sure it would have been way worse if i hadn’t been with my brother since it had been so long since i had seen him it made me very happy to see him.

On the last night we did about a good 3 hours of tokyo so we ended at 3:00AM, lots of fun and plenty of soar throats so that was also worth it. I took the shinkansen back and somehow made it back to Nagoya, surprisingly enough!

After that i came back to school, and since most kids were taking test; practice tests that take the whole week of school. Us exchange students were allowed to leave once we took our tests (we had like 4 the whole week so we had the rest of the day free). Which means going to the downtown starbucks in nagoya and taking in the sights and the people.

And skipping a bit to today, we went to tokugawa garden, very pretty, and tokugawa musuem lots of old japanese stuff, i am not a crazy fan about that type of aspect of cultures(i know i am a terrible exchange student) but it was good to go out of school for that day, and then headed to starbucks, drank our cofee, looked at the beautiful women, and headed back home, i am sleepy even though ive had 3 coffee’s today to bad. Well my host mom is going to have english lessons soon so i have to go!



One Response to “Sorry guys…”

  1. liz Says:

    Nael… I wish I was you… D: sorry about the culture shock thing, I had an equally unhappy experience in Tokyo (but that’s probably because I was alone and lost LOL) but when you think about it in America, you will miss it so much… even the angry feelings you had in Japan… or any emotion you felt there…

    “but it was good to go out of school for that day, and then headed to starbucks, drank our cofee, looked at the beautiful women, and headed back home,”
    I lol’d hard at this, haha

    Hows the Japanese language skill progressing? You yourself usually can’t see the improvement, but everyone else is probably telling you that you’ve learned a lot 😀

    post again soon!

    and it’s SORE not SOAR!! XD oh nael.

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