Why i hate (Most) Gaijins… (Rant Time)

(Warning)… If you don’t want to see many bad words being used then dont read this post because today i am angry, time to go on a rant on a problem that ive encountered…

O.K. its time, thank god, I Fucking hate Gaijins right now, ofcourse not me included, but here are my reasons, and if you are one of the people mentioned in this blog or are similar to them you should probabbly be fucking ashamed of yourself…

O.k. it all starts when its Sunday… the day starts poorly because i have to go to school to become some petting zoo exhibit for Middle schoolers interested in apllying for Nagoya Gakuin… So thats boring and stupid and it starts about 45 minutes late, waste of time basically, go over kanji i already know…

After it i go to my fellow exchange student Eric(Norway) “He’s actually cool”, so i go up to him and i am like want to hang out at Sakae today, since going to school destroyed my Sunday plans, and he’s like sure. Ragnee another norweigen (fuck the spelling), will join us, she’s pretty cool and actually now acts quite japanese, hense (quiet and not fucking retarded), so after we meet up at starbucks, James (from canada) decided to hang out with us, ok the turning point happens here.

Something happens when you start getting too many gaijins in one place, 4-5 should be the limit in most cases.  Basically i call it the Dumb gaijin thenomenum (fuck spelling), so that hapens, its when everyone starts acting way to loud and embarassing themselves, talking way to fucking loud, i see this coming so i suggest we step out of starbucks cause we had reached the fucking dangerous level of about 8 people, but before we had to evacuate the premisis,(i was already pissed off), i said a small joke about James kissing Hafa(Brazil), because they accidently drank from the same straw, they catch it, hafa laughs and ten fucking seconds later a slap comes from fucking nowhere, FUCKING 10 SECONDS AFTER… Beggining of the end, so my glasses fall on the floor, all the japanese people on the top floor saw it happen, and by ALL i mean FUCKING ALL, they were looking at us because we were loud (fucking gaijins), so i go outside for a breath of fresh air and go on rants next to hafa about how much i hate gaijins.

So now we evacuate Starbucks to spare the poor japanese people in there from our godamn loudness, and by our i mean everyone alse but me and the norweigens(fuck spelling), so i am trying to find 7/11 for an american girl, and i am walking ahead cause i just didn’t want to be associated with that mob of fucking morons behind me. And as i am walking James pulls another fucking abnoxious thing and jumps on my fucking back while yelling, fucking A, now i am associated with them,(I will explain why i am so pissed off in full and the results of these actions have on others), so find the 7/11 and we reach Crystal Square and i am like ok FUCK IT. I am like “Eric!, isn’t it time for you to come back home” Hint Hint, he gets it we take off, and unfortionatly fucking james follows us and jumps on my back again doing his bullshit, fuck i am pissed off, so ya but james wasn’t that bad after that, but the mob we had just left was fucking terrible, so i was pissed off as fuck going to Nagoya Station with Eric, time to rant more.

(Explanation time), Although japanese people might act like they don’t care what gaijins do in there country, they really fucking do, fuck we almost got in trouble for fooling around in a station, and parents could of probabbly contacted our School, (they know our uniforms) and we could have been kicked out.

Point number 2: The lasting effects of Gaijins being fucking gaijins, the reason i go to a boys school is directly related to two gaijins fucking up, before i came. Ok part 1 the local highschool that my mother teaches at is currently hosting a Australian exchange student, when he came he was very boisterous and got other students from his class to go out drinking with him, and the parents find out and his homeroom teacher(big bitch), also found out, she went to the princaple and said”Don’t accept any more exchange students), “dont debate this part it happened and i am fucking paying for it, and yes there is nothing i can or could do about it). Also you might ask “Hey Nael isn’t your school trip 1 hour and 1/2, aren’t there any schools inbetween”, and my answer in a pissed of tone would be “Fucking yes there are!, but my organization tried going to 2 different highschools before Nagoya Gakuin, first was my Mom’s, and then Yokaichi Highschool, but no exchange students are accepted there because some fucking retarded exchange student got a girl fucking pregnant, and now i can’t go to that school, so now i am fucking going to Nagoya Gakuin Highschool, and thats why i don’t want to be like those other Gaijins.

Any ways why the fuck do they ALWAYS want to hang out with each other, seriously , your in japan for a fucking reason , its not to fucking to talk to other people from your country or go to bars that are based on your country, fucking adapt for gods sake fucking A.

分かりますか! はい、 おわります!


One Response to “Why i hate (Most) Gaijins… (Rant Time)”

  1. clarke Says:

    Hey Nael, I understand how this can make you angry I’ll offer my perspective I’ve studied Japanese for a while and lived here for a bit now so I hope I can be of help to you…

    O.K firstly, your blaming this entirely on “gaijin” without taking the Japanese factor into account. Your situation is very different to the majority of us “gaijin” living here in Japan. You have the opportunity to live with a family which is something that is not the case for the majority of us living here in Japan. In response to your complex about “gaijins” I believe if you spend anytime observing Japanese girls in a group of similar size to the one you are talking about in your above article, you will also see similar behavior. I am not saying that what they did was the right thing I’m just saying its not just “gaijin”. Also Japanese people don’t hate just “gaijin”, trust me. I have been in contact with many Japanese people since I have been studying Japanese over the past 2 or 3 years. I’ll further explain…

    I’m not sure you know the word tsumetai 「冷たい」it means literally meaning cold (to touch) but it can be used to describe peoples personalities as well meaning like cold or distant. Both myself and your brother have found Japanese people to be sort of tsumetai (sorry I couldn’t think of anything else in English to describe it). However, Japanese people are not just like this to “gaijin” but also to fellow Japanese it is a hard place to live for non-Japanese as we find it difficult to understand this.

    You see Japanese culture is about maintaining the 「和」 ”Wa” or social harmony. This makes them behave in a certain way that ensures that nothing will disturb the superposed natural running order of things. However, this has sort of made the society a little robotic and dry I believe so everyone is just doing the same thing everyday and doing what they know works. For example, ask any Japanese person what they have with tea (the answer is like a little cake thing or something sweet like that… personally I believe it goes horrible with tea).

    I believe if you observe the culture from this angle you will soon see the crazy way they act has sort of made them afraid of social interaction and this is one reason why it is so hard to make friends with Japanese outside of school. Ask yourself… have you made a Japanese friend with someone who is not at your school and has no contact to anyone else you know? This is one of the reasons “gaijins” hang out with other “gaijins” also not everyone wants to learn Japanese and some are just here to have fun and for the experience. That is there choice not mine and not yours there is nothing wrong with that it is there decision. I think I could keep talking negatively like this but the truth is there are many good things here in Japan and I love it here. Try to spend more time with that girl you like so much and with your other Japanese friends man.

    Future topics that you should think about…. Gender roles, sexuality, Japanese nationalism, segregation and racial profiling.

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