So basically today i walked Haruna back to her house, and i said in 3 different ways that i like her and that i want to hang out with her, but she just kept on smilling, like if she was interested that i was speaking english or something, WTF!! So i salvaged the situation by saying i wan’t to hang out with you some more and hugged and left, but freakin A, what a shock that was to me, ive never heard of such thing happening to anyone… godam!! Thursday i will walk her back from my mom’s english Lessons and evaluate the situation, maybe i am over analyzing it….


2 Responses to “Ok…”

  1. ROTOFI Says:

    Well it could be 3 things,
    A. She is too shy to know what to say, maybe you have to guide her answer.(this is your best bet)
    Ex: So I like you; what are you going to do about it?
    I suggest asking her why is she smiling?
    You may have to get in her face about it if you want an answer, unfortunately it may scare her.
    I still think you have to keep asking why, maybe playing it ballsie and asking her “Why do you like me, cuz i know you do!”

    B. She wants to avoid you answering that (for whatever reason)

    C. She really didn’t understand(this is the most unlikely one)


  2. Charlie Says:

    Hey Nael,

    I’ve really enjoyed following these written blogs so, if you have the time, I’d love to hear more!

    Sounds like a bit of a tough situation you’re in… I hate it when you don;t have any good signs to go on 😛

    My suggestion is to go all out, try and hang out with her lots and show her how you feel… because lets face it… you don’t have that much time left in Japan.

    I was in a KINDA similar situation with the Japanese exchange student my mates were hosting. She is AMAZING. I’m not going out with her but I keep in contact with her regularly and next year when I go to Japan for a 3 weeks to her school (her school is my school’s sister school. Her school has a trip to my school every year and my school has one every 2 years… sorry, a bit complicated!) …including a sleepover 😉

    Basically, what I’m saying is I wouldn’t have got so close to her and made such a good friend if I thought “Aww I’ll just hang around her some other time…” and having her here for a short time made me treasure the moments we had and gave me more courage with her. Shes a few years older than me and she’s a total cutie that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the balls to hang around so much (I hung out with her more than her host bros… I probably shouldn’t have but… we enjoyed it 🙂 .

    So pretty much just try to maximise how much time you spend with her and eventually you’ll grow close and decide to take the path of love, or the path of friendship.

    Hows Japan been treating you?

    If you wanna message back you can try my email: dancing_chaz@hotmail.com
    Or my Youtube channel, chazburgers (should be in your subscribers).

    Looking forward to hearing from you 😉

    Cheers from Australia!

    P.S Good videos!

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