The end of Nagoyanael…

Well this is probably the last post i am going to make before returning to the United States(*Whipes tears”J/K”*). Now i will explain a phenomenon that seems to occur to everyone when they are in the midst of some finality in there life. You start saying the “last’s” of things. example, tomorow is my last day of school in Japan, Today was my last”real” day because i had time with my class, but tomorow i plan on running up to my homeroom and having them sign my Year book and take bunch of pictures i don’t want to forget these moments EVER. This chapter in my life ends, although at first i was bummed out because of the boys school, its not like i didn’t meet any girls in my time here, i actually met a lot more then i thought i would. Japanese tendencies have made me laugh my whole time, how it almost seems like they thirst for an awquard moment is almost always evident in how they react to things and position themselves to make it easy for someone to do something stupid. Like when your walking in a hall way in Nagoya station and you go one derection and the person walking towards almost purposely goes the same direction and your switch and they switch the same way after 1o seconds you make a big circle to go around them pissed off but confused, LOL. *Its happened to much*

I’ll have to ask my friends if i have developed slightly Japanese tendencies.

*Message to Liz* HOLY KRAP LIZ, i know exactly how you felt before leaving omg omg omg, i dont want to go, but i want to also go on with my life, なぜ、 今 に 死にたい、 やだ!I am feeling slightly depressed but trying to live up every moment i encounter trying to get my japanese level to a nice point before i leave so that i don’t waste this true learning experience.

Ok besides that since my life is slowly speeding up almost as to kick me out of Japan fast its making it harder for me to blog thats why my youtube stuff hasn’t been going on, i dont have the time to care, i love this experience to much to let precious hours go away trying to post a video online so people can tell me that i am a bad cameraman.

Lastly this chapter in my life is closing, i hate to say it its leaving my fingers right infront of me ofcourse in retrospect there are many things i should have done. Talked to more people for one, get the courage to tell Haruna that i liked her, and just found more opportunity to bond with my class mates i feel like i’ve been ignoring them and now i am about to leave and i want them to know that i was stupid for not hanging out with them , hell the more i talk to them the more i learn japanese, hell we have awasome foreing exchange classes in our school, but the time spent with the other kids in my class is where the true language aqcuisiton is Acquired.

Now i know maybe a few of the people out there reading my blog might wonder for words of advice. I will give it to you, any single opportunity that you have to go out with japanese people SEAZE IT! I mean the other foreign exchange students are really good friends of mind but they aren’t helping me acquire the language that i came here for. So when ever you find time to go out meet people who are japanese do so, you might say”hey i don’t know any japanese” Oh well , use your hands trust me, i am talking so much with my hands and my body while trying to get my point across it seems as if 60% of them understanding what i am saying is using body language so do not fear the language barrier, go with the flow, take a krappy small pocket dictionary like i did, and trust me you will learn threw repition what is right japanese and the japanese of today not some japanese that is outdated by 20 years in which you sound like a butler to the people who you are talking to.

That’s all, so everyone if i dont post here again don’t worry i am trying to make the best of my time, and please do the same for your lives, go everywhere and learn and all that stuff that is written on motivational posters that you consider cheesy!

now a bit of Japanese

日本 は 何時も 面白かったから、 沢山 習いって と 新しい 友だち を 合いって、 時々 何 も して、 そなこと は 凄く 悪かったから、 もと 新しい の 人 を 合いたい でした。 日本人 は 度々 変 けど、 可笑しい なこと は 何時も 面白い、 今 僕 は とても 嬉しいから、 僕 の 留学 は 大変 楽しかった。 多分、 帰国して まえ、 悲しい を 成るから、 日本 の 滞在 は 素晴らしかった。 じゃあ さようなら。


One Response to “The end of Nagoyanael…”

  1. olivegirl Says:

    )= ahhh!! I know no words can ease this kind of pain or emptiness.

    So I will settle on telling you this: the best thing about coming home from Japan is knowing that it will always there waiting for you, however old you are. Yes, it will never be the same since you can never be a high school exchange student living with a host family again, but hell, at least it happened, right? Thank fate that it did, and yourself for the miraculous day you became determined to become an exchange student.

    The next situation you travel may even be better 😀 Hell, you got a while to study up on more Japanese. Or maybe Cantonese so you can exchange in Hong Kong. WHO KNOWS, IT’S YO LIFE, BRAHHHH

    ps. ‘SEAZE IT!!’ LOL you spell like crap nael, don’t stay in America, you’re dirtying the language anyway XD

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