My Highschool

September 4, 2008

For those of you who do not watch my Youtube blog, let me fill you in on a small amount of info. Yes i am going to a Japanese High School. But not only is it private it’s also a boy’s school. -_- . Knocks out the best way to meet girls but oh well. It still really fun, and i am in 11th grade class, with my host brother, that class is so loud and obnoxious, but its histerical. There are 5 other exchange students in my school, 1 from Germany, 1 from Canada, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Norway and the last one from Brazil. They are all interesting, but i’d rather just try to learn Japanese so i can talk to the kids in my class. The homeroom teacher tries his best to quiet down the class with a quieting chance at 5%, it doesnt go so hot. But he is really nice, i guess thats why he can’t get them to be quiet, he’s to nice. So that was my day today. Still hating my 3 hour combined to and from school -_-.


Rain, Rain and more rain

August 30, 2008

Well its been raining a lot since i got here and its a little depressing but oh well. Today i woke up early-ish because we were going to Nagoya. So we took the train and it was like a 30 minute ride to Nagoya, once there we took the subway to the center of the city. There is a mall underground, and surprisingly the prices are cheaper then above ground, even though its right next to the subway (A very high traffic area). So i walked around 3 different malls, many of which had like 8-11 levels so that was cool, ate Tempura and Udon noodles. (Ooshkata desu)”It was delicious”.

Walked around and looked at all the eye candy, (including girls) i am a teenager ,”what do you expect BOOK SHOPPING?!”, besides that it was fun and i got to see street dance troops. Because it was raining it was very messy for them to perform, but they still did, and it was going on for a while and probabbly still is going on right now. THey came from colleges around Nagoya to perform in the main streets in downtown Nagoya. That was today’s adventure!

Peace out peeps!!

hmm.. Today

August 28, 2008

well now, technically yesterday, well yesterday was alot less uneventful then the past week, but it was still loads of fun.  We kind of laid around in the morning, and then me, Kent and Kazuki-kun, went for a bike ride it was a decently cool day, but it was stil exhausting the trace was like 2 miles long of uphill and downhill, we had these crappy 3 speed bicycles that barely had any difference between the highest and the lowest speed. They had the corny baskets on them, and because of my size i couldnt stop bumping my knee against that dam basket infront of the handle bars -_-, it hurt.

My family ,OHANA

My family ,OHANA

So after that we went the long way on the third time on the bysicle track, and it was an overgrown path through a forest, it was cool for the first 5 seconds, and then kent started runing head first into spider webs, THE SPIDERS WERE HUGE. So that was my day : P

Foreign Registration and visiting my host mom’s highschool

August 26, 2008

So my host mom is an English teacher at the Local high school, but besides that , it helps me comunicate alot more then i would ever be able to on my own. So today was time for me to register myself as a foreigner in Kawagoe-cho (Cho= township-ish). So on the way up to the office we saw old students of my host-mom, they were really nice and very happy to see her. That means she is really nice as a teacher, ( i knew it!). So got registered it was quick and easy : P.

After that we went to a restaurant and i ate Udon noodles, with other good stuff! We go to restaurants all the time, i feel bad lol, making them spend to much on me.

After that we went back home, and then we went to my host mom’s High school, i walked around abit in slippers that did not fit my huge feet. After that we went to the High school girl’s volleyball practice. They have practice every day, and have only 2 DAYS OFF IN THE WHOLE YEAR. they are crazy dedicated and prety impressive, accept that i was a giant next to them. The team captain is really cute, but i dont go to that school so (dream on), we talked to them after practice, and they were really nice, i think they were interested in me but to shy to ask, i was smilling the whole time(creepy) they were smilling to, oh ya when i first came into the gymasium to see them practice, they all stood still and waited for me to say (konichiwa!), my host-mom told me to say hi, if she wouldnt have told me they would have probabbly still been standing there.(Man my japanese is useless : {  )

Well thats all for today , i am having so much fun here, WOOHOO!

Hanabi and Kyoto

August 25, 2008

What is “Hanabi”, you might be wondering this, and it is a term that you will hear a desent amount in the summer, along with “KIREII!”(pretty) and “SUGOI”(Amazing), Hanabi means literally fire flower, but is fireworks. Yesterday i got to experience how beastly Japanese fireworks are. For no apparent reason accept for the sake of fireworks, was why we had the celebration, it was just all about fireworks, no history behind it, just more fireworks in the past. It was cool, my host mom brought over about 16 of her good friends and they had a good time, i got to learn a few words, and notice how useless i was at speaking in Japanese : P.

During the party, my host mom was like”Lets go to Kyoto tomorow”.. “Sure !”, haha that was so random that it sounded like an awasome idea. So the morning after i grudgingly got up early, since ( went to sleep at 1AM) and got the train at 8:30, it was sad cause it was raining today but ohwell. Taking about 3 hours worth of trains, no Shinkansen, just local trains, it was interesting, and thank god for Kent(host brother) he knew exactly where to go unlike me and my host-mom.

We got to see the temples and castles that were all set out for (Balance), and we saw a golden temple, that was pretty hardcore, besides that we got to walk around the shopping areas of Kyoto and look around, not much buying was involved but we got to see many places : P. After that it was time to head back, still raining, but it was cool, cause kyoto station had just gotten like rebuilt. It is now unnecesarly HUGE, compared to everything alse, the plus about it is being able to see the rest of the city from the top of the station.

So we headed back on the long train switches but got to get some naps in so that was good, ate at a fast food restaurant, which was actually very healthy and tasted AWASOME. That was my day : P, GOOD NIGHT!

In Narita, Tokyo and Nagoya

August 23, 2008

OMG, Nagoya is awasome and tokyo was O.K. i was there for half a day but it is really as huge you can possibly imagine, Man life in Japan.

The very first thing that i noticed was in the airport, the money exchange place was really odd i dont want to say funny but, really almost comical, the women were working the front recieving the money, and then the men were in the back counting the money, then giving it back to the women to give it to the customer, i am sure they notice that they are at the front for an (imaginary) reason.then they it was the escalator was really funny, but enlightening they are all on the Left side of the Escalator.  this is for the people who stand on the Escalator (90% of the people), the right side is left to those who are in a big hury, which is so convenient cause japan is a very busy place.

In Narita we stayed in a Ryokan, (Old style inn) for 2 days, the owner was really nice, and was able to not freak out with our load and obnoxious ways. It was fun and we slept on the floor (Tatami) on the Futon it was great.  I got to wear a thin summer kimono after taking a bath(not as odd as i thought it would be) yes there was another person in the bath, just look up and relax. The owner let us try an old Samurai helmet, presumably his ancestor’s. It was crazy awasome and hilarious at the same time seeing white people wear that.

We went to Tokyo after a while and that was crazy busy. That is about all i have to say about it, as my video explains how little of Tokyo i got to see.

I went on the Train this morning, it was blazing fast, 2 hours on Shinkansen. My host-mom couldn’t find me for 10 minutes but it she found, me then we were on the train back to Kawagoe-Cho, it was 1 hour and a half, it was cool though, and now i am in the House and its so much fun

Last days in America…

August 17, 2008

Well i am curently infront of the T.V. watching the Olympics, nothing new here, but i have been just patiently waiting for this moment to arive, going to Chicago is going to be the first real step on the road to Japan, i will be entertained and i will be so close with other people who are as excited as I am!

I am just trying to stay calm, so that the days fly by faster, i am just making a few videos on my Youtube acount, but the truth of the matter is i have nothing to talk about until i reach Chicago, something seems awasome about reaching that huge city, and the fact that Chicago is going to be the last i see of America until i return!